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Manage the activates of your school, collages Or any education institution  using our school management system  

About Our School Management System

Our School management is a complete and feature-rich school management software for all educational institutes. our  school management system design to take care of learning, administration, and management activities in schools, colleges, universities, tuition centers, or training centers. Our school management system manages everything starting from admission to attendance and exams to result in cards. With Our school management can access it from anywhere, anytime. We will take care of your data and backups.

Perfect School Management System to Meet Your Institution Needs


Take control of your entire school administration from students admission, fees management, teachers and parent management. Allows administration pass information to teachers and parent so essay


Our school management system is design to help your school manage its academic work. From classroom, assignmememt and Examination. Issued students reports cards and certificate at the end of each term. Track and records the performance of each students


Parents can discuss their child's progress with the teacher and keep a track on their pupil's academic progress. Instant alert on upcoming events.

Why Our School Management System

Our school management system is one of the less cost school management system in the market and it has more features that keep your school running smoothly. We provide 24 hours support to our customers. 

Moulde of our School Management System

School Information

ou can set your all institute info like logo, name, target line ect, which will display on every printable documents and report

Classroom Management

This school management software manage your classes in an easy way. starts from students to subjects, courses to marks.

Fees Management

Our school software opens an account for every student fess management. Both paid and unpaid school fees

Attendance System

Our school management system has outstanding online attendance management system for students and staff.

Printable Report

You can print all the reports and letters like, admission letter, fee slip, salary slip, job letter and result cards etc.

Online Class Management

Not limited to only classroom teaching, making it possible to have online class with your students

Notification Management

Send notification to your staffs, parent and student about about upcoming events, school fees and other important matters

Staff Management

Manage the activities of your staffs including salary, leaves, attendance

Best Solution For All Educational Institution

Managing any educational institute is not a piece of cake. Managing students, staff, timetable, exams, class test, attendance, fees collection, accounts, etc. It does not end here. Parents are always worried about their child’s performance and they need satisfaction. They care about their child’s academic statics. Moreover, we have seen schools using huge registers to mark the attendance of their students and staff. And we have also seen that schools manage their admission, exams data, class tests data, etc, manually. We know it takes a lot of time and is very difficult to manage.
Well! it’s time to put check on these worries. Harrimark limited presents you online school management system design to make conventional tasks easier. This is the one-stop solution to manage, track and record everything within your school or organization. Our school management system includes admin, staff and students panel, exams module, attendance module, fees collection module, salary and expense management, class tests management, inventory management, students and staff data record system, and many more. It is very easy to use and manage because harrimark  management system is very easy to use. Think about managing your entire school, think about harrimark school management.

Cloud Based System

Our system is designed to store and retrieve your school information to you at anytime.

Responsive Platform

Our school management system is designed to be access using desktop, laptop, tablets and mobile phone.


Since we have you in mind, our school management is one of the affordable in the market.

Support & Update

Our team is available anytime to provide the necessary support you needs


Our school management system is very easy to use and can be accessible anytime at any where

Secure & Safe

Thinking about losing your data, we got you cover, with our school management system your data is safe and secure on our data base

Harrimark School Management Mobile App

Manage the institute’s daily operations at your fingertips

iOS & Android Apps In Your Brand for Parents, Teachers & Students

You can now enjoy the benefit of having a dedicated school management mobile app  that will communicate your  school ERP and stay connected with everyone